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About Us: Charles and Melanie

We are Charles and Melanie Woods, in our 40s, and living in Oxford. During the day Melanie works in the City in the insurance and the trading sectors respectively, but at night the fun really begins when we start earning serious money trading online.

We discovered the opportunities of online Forex trading in 2001, and four years ago began trading binary options over the Internet. Needless to say we have become quite addicted.

As the binary options market is still very new many people are cautious and feel that the market is unstable and maybe not safe, whereas others claim they are making a killing. Who should you believe?

The truth is that investing money in binary options can be extremely profitable. However, having said that you must be conscientious that there are always going to be rogue brokers out there whose main aim is to steal your money. For this reason we set up this website to help new traders determine which brokers to avoid and which you should contact without delay.

We hope to build a community where readers share their experiences and make this site the best the resource on the web for finding excellent brokers.