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What Are The Potential Returns?

Return On InvestmentThe basic Up-Down Binary Options trade pays on average 75-80% per trade. The average trade takes place in under 1 hour. That means that on an investment of 100.00 traded once an hour over an 8 hour period without touching the profits a trader could generate $600 in profits if they traded carefully and successfully. There are also 60 second trades which pay-out on average 77% and take place in just 60 seconds.

Just think how much profit you could make trading every 60 seconds for an hour, that is 60 trades per hour, and let’s say hypothetically that you were successful 66% of the time. This means that if you started out with a $10 investment and continue to trade that same $10 every 60 seconds for an hour, you could generate a $305 profit every hour with a 66% success ratio.

Another way to see high profits is trading the One Touch option. These types of trades are based on an asset touching a predetermined price before an expiry at a later time, but some One Touch trades pay as much as 400% profit. Trading Binary Options can be very profitable with small investments using trading styles and methods that fit your knowledge, ability and personality.

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