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What Is The Most Common Binary Option Strategy?

Strategising With Binary OptionsSince Binary Options trading is simply about locating assets that have the momentum to carry them in a particular direction for a fairly short period of time there are some easy to follow strategies that are good for novices and advanced traders alike. Two of the most popular are trading from the economics calendar and Bollinger bands for Binary Options. Trading from the economic calendar allows a trader to monitor global economic events and data releases and to capitalize on these when the actual release is either better or worse than expected pushing assets up or down almost immediately upon the release.

Imagine what would happen to Apple stocks if they reported a huge drop in sales, well that is what happens to currencies and commodities when economic reports disappoint. Bollinger bands on the other hand are a technical indicator that is easily applied to give good entry signals when a particular currency or commodity is likely to trade in a particular direction. Either of these strategies can be learned quickly and mastered in no time to start earning profits.

Most Binary Options brokers offer educational classes or personal mentoring or account managers who will help a beginner trader get started with some of the best strategies.

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